Zaghrat 04

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سه شنبه, سپتامبر 1, 2015 - 12:40
The war had reached an stalemate around the the asteroid ring. the UNWC forces had managed to stall the XERPS’s advance using guerrilla warfare and partisan techniques. after suffering many embarrassing setbacks against UNWC forces, the corporations finally Done for 3dconceptart challange , agreed to deploy the prototype of the latest XERP generation called the XAGHRATS.04. designed to counter the paralysing ambushes orchestrated by the UNWC forces, XAGHRATS were tailored to blend in the surrounding environment, handle man to man and close combat situations. it’s time to see if they can secure the total dominance promised by their makers...
مسعود عاشوری:
خیلی خوبه آقا.واقعا دم شما گرم و خسته نباشید
arash masoumi:
Very well.hooman.i think this is complete character concept piece.thanks i like it