Dreamscape Holiday

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شنبه, ژوئن 11, 2011 - 19:50
محمد حسین عطاران:
خیلی فضای خلاقانه ای هست،لذت بردم
حامد هاشمی فر:
عااااااالی خیلی خوبه
That's cool!!!!
فرزین محمد سعیدی:
oh in kheili aalie be nazar miad bayad male projey khasi bashe kash khodetun 1 zahmat mikeshidin dar moredesh yekam baramun harm mizadin
آقا عالیه .... ساختار ها خیلی جالبن.....
Merci doostan.inam yek toozih a mokhtasar Dreamscape Holiday “Join the Sea Monster Cruise Line: Are you tired of the routine day to day life? Are you looking to go somewhere extra special for your honeymoon, wedding, or maybe to meet that special someone? We will take you away to the ultimate tropical paradise where you can enjoy our 5 star hotels on the back of our calm and friendly sea monsters. Climb the heavenly cliffs to the soft, creamy clouds and beyond.” I have completed this dreamscape holiday 100 percent in adobe photoshop. No 3D software has been used. (The actual image is 2765*3636)
hossein rezapour:
از creature ها خیلی خوشم اومد.
امید صادقوند:
عالی کار شده می تونم بپرسم این اثر چقدر وقتتون رو گرفت!؟
آقا این عالیه.هیچ جای صحبتی نداره عالی
man in karetuno kheili dust daram,vaghean delam mikhast mishod beram unja! az un mojoodi ham ke khalgh kardin kheili khosham umad.tabrik migam