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یکشنبه, می 5, 2013 - 23:55
i want to design a military robot wich can defend it self in water,air and ground. this design concept comes from a dragon. for this purposes, this military machine has a lot of deffensive equipments and facility to run through those condition that i mentiond before. like wheels for land and wings for aviation and blades for aquatic movements. for takking of, its have a small jet engines under its body. and head design comes from TBM(tunnel boaring machine) machines wich equiped by powerfull laser sight.
Abolfazl Filoo:
pooya jan hameye in object ha khobe kash ina ro te ye faza mizashti khaste nabashi
pooya heydari:
merC,motasefane vaght nashod hatta modeling o kamel konam,dige baghiasho bikhial shodam goftam faghat befrestam karo ;)